[30th May in Kiev] At the premises of CryptoCluster organization, Cryptonomics Capital Fund held a workshop entitled “Smart ICO Investments”. Fund’s key influencers took the floor and 5 new ICO projects were presented, with special focus on TradeOne platform. The presentation of investment and trading platform powered by blockchain was held by co-founders - Vadim Dashut and Evgeniy Deev. Vadim Dashut spoke about the project architecture and peculiarities of market conditions when TradeOne comes forth to the global crypto arena. The focal point of the presentation was the foundation of the product - absolute simplicity of use within a user-friendly environment for both investors and traders. Traders will have a possibility to carry out successful cryptocurrency trading in a comfort space and raise personal rating and value among the best TradeOne experts. At the same time the application for investors will remain as simple as possible and TradeOne clients won’t need to sit day and night over books and computer screen searching for data, key aspects and market figures. Evgeniy Deev, professional with vast experience in trading, shared about the existing staff of 25 traders, who have successfully qualified for TradeOne trader position and will be the creators of the first investing models for future platform investors. Testing and qualifying for trader position will be carried out under the direction of Evgeniy Deev involving advisors from the USA. With TradeOne, all necessary information will be spread before your eyes! All our users - investors and traders - will be equipped with only the most important market tools necessary to make effective solutions. TradeOne pursues only long-term goals. One of the key ones is to become the main link between investors and traders on the cryptocurrency market. We start with 1% of global transactions and strive to draw more than $300 billions that today remain inactive in numerous wallets around the world. About TradeOne The project is in its final stage of development, although the potential and application scope are huge. The main goal of blockchain platform TradeOne is to cover 1% of total volume of global cryptocurrency transactions on the market. TradeOne uses Ethereum as the core blockchain technology on the platform. This solution records all transactions in the form of digital information blocks on the platform that cannot be altered or deleted without breaking the functionality of the whole chain.