TradeOne is rushing into the cryptocurrency market at maximal cruising speed in order to offer the best solution to the trading area and successfully advocate complete application of digital currency everywhere. [14th-16th May, New York] Vadim Dashut, TradeOne co-founder and blockchain platforms’ advisor, represented TradeOne’s interests at the CONSENSUS Forum, where he shared technical aspects of the platform operation. The core of TradeOne platform is Ethereum powered by Blockchain. It records data on transactions in the form of digital blocks, which are not subject to modification and destruction. Every digital block contains information about all previous transactions and, if any unauthorized breach in the structure occurs, then the platform’s operator notices changes right away and in the span of several minutes tracks the source and fixes the crash. Another co-founder of BitRent, Evgeniy Deev, laid the foundation for a full-scale RoadShow, attended 5 large blockchain conferences, 4 of which happened one after another in a row: 5th May, Blockchain Club Conference in Hangzhou; 7th May, Meetup with representatives of large cryptocommunities in Shanghai; 9th May, Blockchain Professionals Conference in Guangzhou; 11th May, Meeting with private blockchain entrepreneurs in Beijing. The last event attended for now in Fujian reached the height of the whole RoadShow. 18th May, during the Blockchain Conference in Fujian, Mr. Deev spoke about the main distinguishing feature of TradeOne product. Unlike its competitors, TradeOne provides ease-of-use of all functional aspects and avoids the necessity of having specific invest and crypto knowledge for conducting the full cycle of cryptocurrency operations. Cryptocurrency trading requires specific skills, practical experience and a wide range of knowledge in the area of cryptocurrency and trading. TradeOne unites global professionals and blockchain technology to simplify complex processes.

With TradeOne, everything is plain and simple!