As a partner of BitRent platform, TradeOne representatives got an opportunity to present their project and connect with blockchain clubs from China, Taiwan and Singapore. TradeOne is currently joining the Asian market with a firm desire to solidify in the region and facilitate the development and active usage of cryptocurrency at all levels of the country.    At the blockchain conference, one of the co-founders of TradeOne, Yevgeniy Deyev, presented the trading and investing platform powered by Blockchain. The main distinctive feature of TradeOne product is ease of use and lack of necessity to have specifiŅ invest and crypto expertise for successful cryptocurrency operations. The platform gives maximum protection to financial resources of users and process transparency. TradeOne project introduces two types of tokens - BITT and BITS. You can find more information about these tokens by reading our first article. TradeOne platform’s main objective is to offer the One universal and flexible solution, which won’t face any government policy restrictions, but will definitely open doors to expand the user base, thus, allowing more people to become a part of the Cryptocurrency World. TradeOne platform wasn’t the first to enter the crypto trading market, but we will apply best effort to become the One space, where cryptocurrency can be bought and traded without limits, and, while developing the Cryptocurrency World, achieve success. TradeOne - the first and only trading platform without borders!