The locomotive called Cryptocurrency & Blockchain keeps on picking up steam and day-by-day an increasing number of professionals and ordinary people get interested in cryptocurrency investing and trading. However, until now the cryptocurrency platform market has no offer that may meet the demand of the ever-growing crypto and blockchain community. TradeOne - a Decentralized Blockchain Investment and Trading Platform - is at the early stages of development, but even now we can confidently state that its potential and field of application is incredibly huge. The primary advantage of TradeOne lies in the fact that it’s an easy-to-use trading and investment platform for investing in the growing market of cryptocurrencies without in-depth knowledge. Exactly, no in-depth knowledge is required! The platform leans on three pillars: simplicity - security & safety - transparency. What are the main barriers to efficient trading? Technical & Crypto Expertise: Specific knowledge and experience required for the crypto world Profound Trading Knowledge: Lack of fundamental knowledge on how to trade effectively Lack of Motivation and Time: People lack time for effective trading and real-time control of their portfolios TradeOne is so simple-to-use that any novice may easily cope with all functionality because there’s no need in specific knowledge and, thanks to the platform, the whole market with key indicators will be at your service in plain sight. Spend no more than 5 minutes a day on your favorite hobby that will soon become your life-time project. Today global crypto market is worth $400 billion, with trading daily volume to reach $24,7, and numerous forecasts point to unavoidable growth because digital assets, like tokens and coins, create new capital and attract newcomers with high yield returns. The goal of TradeOne blockchain platform is to cover 1% of global cryptocurrency market transactions! How it works? TradeOne uses Ethereum as a core blockchain technology behind the platform. This solution provides data record of all operations on the platform in the form of digital informational blocks that are impossible to alter or remove without violation of the operation of chain of blocks. Since the information about preceding cryptocurrency operation is stored in all forthcoming blocks - if, at least, one block is changed, the whole chain loses integrity and the process comes to a halt. TradeOne performs a role of interlink between traders, users and exchanges. All funds are securely protected by leading crypto exchanges: Huobi, HiTBTC, BIT-Z, Kraken, BITTREX and etc. Trading history is stored in Blockchain BITT token is used to pay commission on the platform TradeOne Tokens BITT utility-token, ERC 20 standard, operates within the platform and acts as a means to facilitate platform operations. As it has been mentioned, BITT token is used to pay commission fee and amounts to 2%. In total, the platform will release a limited number of tokens - 500’000’000. Due to the fact that these tokens comply with all modern requirements, they will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and openly traded. Apart from BITT utility-token, we created BITS security-token. This one will be responsible for income distribution - to put it simple, paying interests from trading operations. Token pays interest from trading activity ICO Funds from hard-cap will be used for trading operation Token is not listed crypto exchanges Interest is automatically distributed by Smart Contract in ETH, if BITS tokens are available in wallets Token Economy Today we wanted to unveil just a few aspects of TradeOne platform. Tomorrow we will continue and share about the Use of Funds principle, pre-ICO and post-ICO periods, RoadMap, perfectly organized RoadShow and our incredible team of crypto and blockchain professionals. With TradeOne complex processes become clear and easily understood.